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Lake Norman Refurbish

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Job Complete: New Decking, Steps, and Rope Handrail

Today we moved off this Lake Norman refurbish project. We will be back in 90 days to apply a color stain to the decking after it has a chance to dry. Everything else is complete and the customer is very pleased. Now I need to work on a proposal for the neighbor who wants the same thing!

The scope of work for this project included:

  • Replace waterlogged floats and move others in order to straighten floating walkways.
  • Replace existing decking and bumper.
  • Replace old rope with new.
  • Repair broken ramp with Ramp Tracks and reinforce with additional joists.
  • Rebuild old steps leading into the water.
  • Pressure wash the old paint off the posts and frame.
  • Paint posts and frame.
  • Stain deck with color stain.

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