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Boat Lift Repairs

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Boat Lift Repair

Boat lifts are designed to protect your boat from the elements.  They take the abuse so your boat stays clean and dry.  Both floating lifts and cable lifts need periodic maintenance.

Floating boat lifts use air to fill tanks and create buoyancy.  They ride the waves like a boat but use attachment brackets to fasten to the dock.  The bolts pictured above illustrate the wear and tear these attachment bolts withstand.  Periodic replacement of the bolts can greatly prolong the life expectancy of your lift.  If you want to see what happens when the bolts fail check out our page for “Emergency Repairs”.

Cable lifts are mounted on top of pilings that have been driven into the lake bed.  These lifts do not ride the waves so they don’t have the same issues.  Cable lifts have grease fittings and need to be serviced annually.  If your lift is making a loud screeching noise, it is asking for lubrication.  Often the cables can get fouled or tangled when the cradle hits the ground.  If you notice the cable does not spiral cleanly around the drive pipe it needs to be re-spooled.  If you raise the boat with the cables fouled the cables will usually be damaged.  If the cables get damaged to the point of failure your boat may be in peril.

All types of lifts should be properly fitted for the boat.  The bunks that hold the boat should not cross over the strakes or ridges under the boat.  The boat should settle into the middle of the cradle and guide pipes should fit snug against the side of the boat.  When you get a new boat have us adjust your lift for the best fit.

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