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Commercial dock facilities and homeowners associations need repairs and maintenance on a regular basis. Regular maintenance for a shared dock is critical for both liability and aesthetic reasons.Homeowners associations(HOA’s) often react to problems and fail to prevent them.  Annual inspection programs are available for multi-slip docks that include a detailed report with defect pictures and budget numbers.  Don’t let your association or business get surprised by a huge unplanned repair or replacement project.  With annual inspections your association will know how to budget for the future and avoid the dreaded assessment.

With our experience in building, maintaining and repairing commercial dock facilities you can trust our suggestions and recommendations.  We understand and respect the differences between working for an individual versus a group.  Documentation and communication are more important when a group of people are involved.  The project goals, scope of work and timeline need to be clear and unambiguous.  Our experience with these projects helps us foresee potential problems and avoid change orders.

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