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Floatation Replacement

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Floatation Replacement

Dock floats are critical to the longevity of your floating dock.  When the dock floats are missing or waterlogged repairs need to be made quickly.  Without proper support the dock frame must compensate by flexing, warping or breaking.  When floats become waterlogged the frame gets closer to the water and nearby floats also become waterlogged.  This scenario happens all of the time and degrades good floats and dock frames.

How to tell if your dock needs float repairs:

  • Does your floating dock look level to the naked eye?
  • Does your floating dock have sagging areas?
  • Are there irregular gaps in the spacing between your floats?
  • Does the floating dock under the ramp look low?
  • Are the walkways twisting or unsteady?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions you may need repairs or adjustment to the floats.

Dock Services provides a float plan for all total float replacement projects.  Total dock weight can be estimated calculating the displacement of the old floats.  New floats can be ordered to specific sizes and located in specific areas in order to best support the dock frame.  Most other contractors rely on a trial and error method for float replacement projects.  This may eventually lead to a level looking dock, but under and over supported areas will sag down or hump up over time.

With our design and production experience on projects ranging from residential and municipal boathouses to 100+ slip marinas, we can refloat all types of docks.

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