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Lake Norman Dock Repair

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Lake Norman Dock Repair

Lake Norman is a premier recreational lake for the region.  With close proximity to major cities, airports and interstates, Lake Norman has become the landing spot for many families looking to enjoy the lake lifestyle.

Lake Norman is home to Dock Services and serves as our backyard.  Since moving onto the lake 1984, and currently living on the lake in Sherrills Ford, I’ve noticed a lot of changes.  The amount of residential development during the last 30 years has been staggering.  In 1984  a 17 foot boat would have been suitable for the entire lake.  Now a boat that small would be swamped from wake on a busy day.  Docks and lifts have had to evolve in order to withstand the increasing boat wake.

Unlike natural wind driven waves, boat waves can double and triple in height when converging from different sources.  These large waves are more common on the main channel and in open areas.

Morgan Lane

Dock Services of Lake Norman, Inc.

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