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Structural Repairs

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Structural Repairs

Piers, ramps and docks all have a substructure or frame.  These frames are usually built with treated wood, galvanized steel or aluminum.  Each type of substructure has it’s own set of positive features and drawbacks.  For example, wood is flexible and durable but easily warps and sags if left unsupported.  Steel is very rigid and able to sustain rough conditions.  Steel docks usually fail where the fasteners connect the sections.  Aluminum is great for ramps and accessories, however it is too light weight for the dock frame and bounces like a surfboard on big waves.Our experience with each of these systems allows for the most effective solution to your dock problems.  Putting off structural repairs will often lead to epic failures and huge expenses.  When you see something that concerns you, take a picture and send it using our online form or give us a call.

Better to be safe than sorry when you suspect a structural problem.

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