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Twisted Floating Walkways

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Twisted Floating Walkways

The most common problem for floating boat slips is the twisted walkway.  Floating walkways can become twisted for many reasons, but the most common causes are uneven weight distribution and improper floatation.  Boat lifts often add weight and pressure directly to the edge of a walkway causing it to twist.  This can be remedied with an underwater brace system, additional floats or adjustments to the boat lift.The pictures above illustrate the effectiveness of an underwater brace system.  Our braces are fabricated out of galvanized steel and are easily adjustable.  We can also install the brace hidden inside of the dock frame.  Walking on a narrow floating walkway with an underwater brace installed, feels completely stable.

You don’t have anything to lose by hiring us to repair your twisted walkways, because great results are guaranteed!

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